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Advantages and disadvantages of a Web Presence

Points of interest and drawbacks of a Web Presence Free Online Research Papers The Internet is an overall commercial center comprising of exchanges and chances to carefully cooperate with buyers. It is another method of selling. An ever increasing number of clients hope to discover your item news and determinations on the web. In any case, even on the Net, you need to publicize your item. Utilizing Internet as a media to promote your item is unique in relation to conventional media. Through Internet organizations can be available everywhere throughout the world. Utilizing the web as a promoting instrument is the least expensive approach to be found at inevitably. You can likewise rapidly change your limited time crusade, so as to pick up consideration that may lead the shopper to the item. Online administrations become so mainstream since they give two significant advantages to possible purchasers: Convenience: Customers can arrange items 24 hours per day any place they are. They dont need to sit in rush hour gridlock, discover a parking spot, and stroll throug h endless paths to discover and look at merchandise. Furthermore, they dont need to drive right to a store, just to discover that the ideal item is unavailable. Data: Customers can discover reams of near data about organizations, items, and contenders without leaving their office or home. They can concentrate on target models, for example, costs, quality, execution, and accessibility. Clients can anticipate that the bit of leeway should pull the data, to be depleted into point by point inventory or other data about items and administrations available to be purchased that they are searching for. They don't feel constrained, they are searching for the data without anyone else. In any case it appears that Web publicizing is significantly more cost than picture arranged. Web publicizing doesn't appear the proper method to advert an item. As per BMRB International (add 1) 37% of UK Net customers are not prepared to buy disconnected They generally dread to give their record number to an o rganization they don't have the foggiest idea. Today a notable brand is a genuine upper hand. BRMB International has demonstrated that 16% of buys has done gratitude to a verifiable trust of set up brands. In any case it doesn't imply that it will remain a bit of leeway later on. Besides the distinction with increasingly customary media is that clients come to you and not you to the clients. You can't hold their consideration on the off chance that they feel that it doesn't justified, despite any potential benefits. At the point when you wish to grow your piece of the overall industry trough Internet, you need to think about the particularity of your intended interest group. Right now individuals who purchase through Internet are youthful, every day clients of PCs. In any case, there are not just individuals used to Internet. Since e-business is growing up (add 2), we can expect that the vast majority have no involvement with e-business. The crowd can be both acceptable Internet clients and learners. Managing correspondence association Security The World Wide Web is the quickest developing piece of the Internet. Progressively, it is additionally the piece of the Internet that is the most helpless against assault. For clients, a protected web server is one that will defend any close to home data (financial balance number) that is gotten or gathered. It is one that underpins their protection and won't undercut program to download infections or other maverick projects onto their PC For an organization, a safe web server is impervious to a decided assault over the Internet or from corporate insiders. So as to build security, you can utilize a framework for naturally scrambling data as it is sent over the Internet and decoding it before it is utilized. One of Netscape Communications early advancements was its SSL. You can likewise utilize firewalls, which is a gadget that secludes an associations interior system from the Internet everywhere, permitting explicit associations with pass and blocking others. Showcasing/Communication It is extremely essential to get individuals advise regarding the presence of your site. You should yell it from the rooftop tops! You can utilize your letterhead, your cards or your pamphlets to compose your web address. You can likewise through a TV or board publicizing effort let individuals think about your site presence. As Jim Sterne says: your site can be interesting, truly, helpful, fresh and clean, however on the off chance that you dont advance it, its message wont be seen. By the manner in which you can likewise figure out how to enroll diverse watchwords on programs so as to put make realize your site when individuals search for data in your business territory. Conveyances and Payment If you use internet business on your site, when the purchaser has looked through a list and settled on his choice to buy, the request, the installment, the handle satisfaction and different parts of request the executives must be prepared. The request preparing must incorporate the capacity to gather things for later buy; this ability is known as a shopping basket on account of retail exchanges; it ordinarily incorporates the capacity to adjust the substance of the shopping basket whenever. Along these lines the purchaser can dispose of things, include new ones, change the amounts, etc. To the buy, the purchaser will have extra charges, for example, deals duties and delivery costs. The request preparing framework presents the purchaser with a separated request structure including all the charges so the purchaser can pay for the things. Data impact With the Internet, it is currently conceivable to acquire precise and quick criticism from your clients (A daemon can tally the quantity of hits). With access to this data, your business will have the option to increase the value of the client. Apparatus, for example, the World Wide Web causes you to manufacture a greater amount of your business dynamic dependent on outside data, and discover progressively about your non-clients and what non-clients and what they are doing, and why they are not clients. Monetary and lawful ramifications Internet is still to a great extent unregulated. Since Internet is worldwide (no regional cutoff points), electronic (no composition) and advanced (flawless duplicates can be made quickly and redundantly), it is a wellspring of various issues. The province of California attempts to direct e-business in California (attach 3). It appears to be exceptionally mind boggling to set up an overall guideline and, right now no one recognizes what to do if something turning out badly in the internet. Concerning tax assessment, applying existing expense rules and framework to the Internet world is enticing yet doesn't reply to the requirements of this commercial center. One key perspective to settling the tax assessment issue of Internet trade is to keep charge strategies general, uniform, and nonpartisan. Assets expected to keep up the Site Obviously, assets need to keep up a site will rely upon the size of the site. Whatever the size you right off the bat need to pose you hardly any inquiries, for example, Will this arrangement be adaptable enough to oblige change? Do we have the specialized abilities to help Internet activities? Is this arrangement adjustable to our requirements and our client needs? Do we have the innovative foundation (arrange administrations; equipment, programming) required to create and scale? Do we have adequate financing for continuous site support? Do we have tasks abilities to help our Internet methodology? Web creation There are two distinct approaches to make a site. You can do it without anyone's help or request that an office deal with the making of your site. On the off chance that you choose to make yourself your s ite, you will require exceptional coding programming. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you choose to appoint the creation to an organization, it may cost you around $750 for a fundamental site (attach 4). Web support However you should likewise contemplate the upkeep. At the point when you have made your site, you should mind to make it alive. You have to think about your HR abilities According to the Business Marketing Web Consortium the accompanying jobs ought to be filled: A Web Editor.Depending on the size of the website, this could be low maintenance or a full-time individual. The Web manager is answerable for content for a webpage. A Web Master, liable for the foundation and innovation supporting the site. Ensuring that connections interface, and the site plays out An Infomaster liable for ideal reaction to requests A general Technology Leader, characterizing corporate gauges and assets required Poor upkeep can seriously harm a companys picture Site Design and Structu re As we have brought up since the start, e-business is another method of selling. At the point when a potential client gets associated with your site, you have not sell anything yet. There are various approaches to pull in clients to your item. Right off the bat, you have to think about your website architecture. It implies that you ought not overlook that if there are such a large number of pictures or electronic activitys, download is going to take some time. On the off chance that your website require downloading applications, they ought to downloaded in twenty seconds or less. Clients of Internet anticipate quick and useful webpage (maintain a strategic distance from level looking over). Sites must be clients arranged as opposed to item situated. Data esteem is significantly more significant than glizz. Clients remain faithful on account of the administration, not on the grounds that they like your site. Effortlessness and speed separate your site, making it simple for business clients to arrange. Furthermore, Web advertisers must inquire as to whether their business sectors are alright with English. Worldwide advertisers suggest including nearby dialects when required. Thirdly, so as to keep up enthusiasm for your site, you need to make it intuitive. Web is both a business and specialized instrument, you should give to clients a page where you give significant data on your item yet additionally on your industry territory. It is prescribed to let clients express their sentiments through email. Be that as it may, you don't do it just for the fun, your site must be proficient (ie: refreshed, quick answers), that is the reason you need to manage your e-clients as you are utilized to do with your disconnected clients. So as to help the structure of your future site, we might want to

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Understanding Essay Titles

Understanding Essay Titles Understanding Essay Titles Today, it is uncommon that you would be given instant exposition titles. Normally what you get is a paper question or a brief. The fundamental fixing in a fruitful paper is understanding what you have to expound on. Most paper questions contain four segments: angle, center, guidance and subject. This recipe works the two different ways, it is possible that you get an inquiry which as of now contains these components, or you get a section of directions and you need to think of an article title, in view of them. Other than your point, the title ought to pass on the edge of your contention, setting and what you have to do. In this post, you will get some answers concerning the kinds of exposition titles and what you ought to do with them. In light of the instructional action word, we can recognize 9 sorts of titles. Break down You need to process related materials to discover key proof and significant elements which impact the result. This implies you need to look at each snippet of data you find and give the crowd realities, rather than suppositions. Model: The Importance of Higher Education Thoroughly analyze These two regularly come in couple, since clearly you will contrast two focuses or components with find both their likenesses and contrasts. You can likewise clarify the centrality of the coordinating or restricting highlights you have found. Model: Batman VS Superman: Do Only Gods Have Superpowers? Depict This one is most likely the least demanding to comprehend, as you just need to call attention to the situation. No assessments or clarifications are required. Your paper will be founded on one of the five detects: what I see, what I smell, what I hear, what I taste, what I feel Model: A Day In the Life of a Blind Person Talk about In the event that you get a conversation kind of article title, be set up to pick a side. Recognize the perspectives regarding the matter, take one and contend possibly in support of it utilizing realities, models and restricting perspectives. Model: Photo Realism: Is It Necessary? Assess Put on the teachers’ shoes for a day. On the off chance that you are approached to assess something, you should investigate the topic and distinguish its helpfulness or inconsequentiality. Model: The Issue of Using Electronic Device on the Road Inspect Here, you should take the subject under a magnifying instrument and investigate the littlest subtleties. It might be applied to individuals, occasions, various wonders, and different components. Model: Examine the Methods of Preventing Water Pollution Clarify This kind of exposition title as a rule starts with a how or a why. It implies that the article will either give guidelines or uncover an issue and clarify why something is going on the manner in which it does. Model: Obesity in the USA Legitimize These subjects are typically dubious throughout a worldwide conversation. You should discover clear proof to help the contention, clarify why the marvel that you are safeguarding has a spot to be. Model: Legalizing Abortions for Rape Victims All things considered, our administration is consistently accessible online to give understudies custom article composing help at a sensible expense.

The Molecular Formula for Water

The Molecular Formula for Water The sub-atomic recipe for water is H2O. One particle of water comprises of one oxygen iota covalently clung to two hydrogen iotas. There are three isotopes of hydrogen. The standard concoction recipe for water expect the hydrogen iotas comprise of the isotope protium (one proton, no neutrons). Substantial water is likewise conceivable, in which at least one of the molecules of hydrogen comprise of deuterium (image D) or tritium (image T). Different types of the compound recipe for water include D2O, DHO, T2O, and THO. Its hypothetically conceivable to shape TDO, albeit such a particle would be very uncommon. Albeit a great many people accept water is H2O, just totally unadulterated water needs different components and particles. Drinking water typically contains chlorine, silicates, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, sodium, and follow measures of different particles and atoms. Additionally, water breaks up itself, framing its ions, H and OH-. An example of water contains the flawless water particle alongside hydrogen cations and hydroxide anions.

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100 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics That Worked

100 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics That Worked Understudies are utilized to the way that their teachers give them the assignment’s subject. It limits the endeavors they spend on the schoolwork undertakings as picking the pertinent, fascinating convincing exposition themes in solitude might be a tedious errand dependent on the top to bottom research. Numerous understudies think it is an exercise in futility. Indeed, they ought to see the capacity to choose the theme as a magnificent open door as opposed to another scholastic bad dream. Regardless of how great enticing discourse subjects given by the instructor are, the understudy can't dismiss them on the off chance that he/she doesn't think a lot about the issue. On the off chance that you can pick the issue all alone, it is conceivable to concoct the issue of intrigue! Snatch IMMEDIATE HOMEWORK HELP Shouldn't something be said about setting aside some effort to figure out how to pick great powerful exposition themes for secondary school? This article gives 100 fantastic, intriguing influential exposition subjects, yet you can bolster the last decision with a solid, 100% good scholastic composing help from the top favored journalists! Distinction between Good Persuasive Speech Topics and Argumentative Topics Try not to rush to hop over to the rundown of 101 great influential discourse subjects without perusing the nuts and bolts. An understudy is allowed to form a paper on any subject on the planet, which identified with the field of studies. That is superb! What is the understudy comprehend the subject and has no clue about what a factious/begging to be proven wrong/enticing composing implies? The undeniable advance to take is to discover what the term implies. Understudies use to befuddle the two terms, incredible factious composing thoughts and intriguing convincing paper subjects on the grounds that these two sorts of scholarly task share a great deal of subtleties for all intents and purpose. It doesn't make a difference in the event that the author finds a rundown of intriguing enticing paper points and, at that point readies a factious article on one of those thoughts. The way to deal with composing ought to appear as something else. Learn more by going to the scholastic service’s blog brimming with helpful, dependable tips on composing. A contentious paper is a piece of the influence. It needs to express the central matter, proposal explanation, and shield it all through the paper while an exposition on the great influential discourse points must demonstrate reality of the creator to the intended interest group. The peruser should take the author’s side before the finish of the perusing. That is the reason picking just fascinating enticing article points is basic. 100 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics to Cover The time has come to view the 100 intriguing powerful exposition subjects shared by the top authors from various pieces of the world! Remember to build up a proficient layout to succeed! GET PERSUASIVE ESSAY FROM EXPERT Enticing Essay Topics for Elementary Students Monkeys would make phenomenal pets Having kin or being separated from everyone else in the family? Will awakening and seeing the dinosaur close to you drive you to part with the animal to the zoo? The best superpower to have is the capacity to fly The most stunning periods of the year is summer/winter Should a researcher who found an intangibility mixture share it with others? A ticket dealer at the football arena is the most exhausting activity on the planet Guardians must permit their children to paint on their dividers to customize the room and show their independences Making companions with everybody around will do a decent kindness later on Conveying a fresh out of the plastic new iPhone wherever doesn't make our picture; it focuses to how much cash our folks acquire Great Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Children Capital punishment is a viable method to frighten away the hoodlums Each individual is allowed to change his/her name with no hindrances at any life stage The ethical commitments of the nation’s pioneers, including presidents and managers of colossal organizations Rich individuals must be compelled to pay higher charges to help the money related parity What is the powerful method to deflect the potential mass shootings at the US secondary schools? Are design and one’s individual inclinations significant? Is there anything more established age can gain from the cutting edge youth? Control assumes the most noteworthy job in the advanced world They should bring down the democratic age to get increasingly exact outcomes National security is a higher priority than protection Influential Essay Topics on Education to Support the Academic Improvements Contemplating the idea of recordings/PC games versatile applications might be advantageous for the IT understudies The current methods for secondary school discipline are not powerful enough to control gatherings of youngsters The normalized assessment is anything but an exact proportion of understudy learning progress and self-improvement The youngsters in temporary everyday environments with a 4.0 GPA must procure a free advanced degree Is it moral to put truly or intellectually incapacitated kids in the different school classes? Which kind of preventive measure could stop the secondary school tormenting? Are computer games fit for invigorating young people to utilize a weapon in the instructive organizations? Understudies execution during the physical training exercises in rec center influences their incredible point normal The instructors should wear an extraordinary uniform like the experts from different fields related with open administrations Less effective understudies ought not be compelled to retake the course until they get a passing evaluation Science Persuasive Essay Topics: Breakthrough in Technologies and that's only the tip of the iceberg The US Environmental Protection Agency doesn't utilize its full ability to improve the earth The period portrayed in the â€Å"Blade Runner† film is coming nearer to each new day and robot made The elective wellspring of vitality may supplant the non-renewable energy sources The human movement has nothing to do with the advancement of an Earth-wide temperature boost Present day planes don't fall without a decent logical explanation: a large portion of the calamities are the results of psychological oppression Individuals are blameworthy of the eradication of numerous uncommon types of creatures plants The hereditarily adjusted food isn't protected Ought to there be a limitation on the quantity of youngsters in each US family like they have in China? Is it moral to clone creatures? Is weed useful for restoring different mental issue? Influential Essay Topics about Animals Plants Chasing isn't moral in any life circumstance Zoos are not useful in natural life preservation London Zoo is the biggest zoo on the planet offering its creatures the extravagance conditions Individuals can't keep uncommon, extraordinary creatures at home transforming them into their pets Is it fine to make blended half and halves through rearing destitute canines and felines? Prizes. Versus Discipline: which is a superior measure to prepare and control pet’s conduct? Vegetarianism doesn't help the creature world the manner in which a few people think Murdering creatures to get their hide for the design business is shameless dishonest Poaching contrarily influences the economy, so the dependable appearances ought to plan something for improve the circumstance What prompted the eradication of the incredible vertebrates like mammoths wooly rhinoceros? Enticing Essay Topics about Music Artists Pilfering music in the computerized age is the genuine risk to the whole country’s economy Extraordinary Britain doesn't command the music world since the 90s and the separation/detachment of â€Å"The Beatles.† The grunge music and gothic stone/post-punk music have less contrasts than they have similitudes Music can be a piece of the ideal recovery methodology in the nearby jails The expense of music, application, game, video downloads on App Store is exceptionally high Different significances in tunes cause individuals to respond to the music tracks in various manners Chinese music is a unique artistic expression, which has not grown essentially since Ling Lun’s establishment of 60 ringers Vietnam War age music motivated further conversations on the creative progressive ways to deal with intuition Music is the top suggested treatment for the fix of psychological instabilities Innovation positively affects music as there is no compelling reason to have people to make a band and convey music to open Sports Persuasive Essay Topics Students Young Athletes Will Enjoy Creature sports like pony dashing are not moral or good Its absolutely impossible to incorporate tobacco and liquor drinks promoting during the interpreted games The athletes ought not drink liquor using any and all means It isn't protected to participate in the outrageous exercises for diversion The Government of Spain must disallow the bullfighting the nation over despite the fact that it is the substance of the national games In swimming and moving, ladies perform superior to the majority of the men The best mentors on the planet are under the equivalent risk of losing their restraint Ladies cooperative individuals can't partake in the blended sexual orientation sporting events The inalienable gifts of the competitors matter more than the abilities experience of their mentors Mentors ought to rebuff the athletes for taking steroids severer than they do now Convoluted Ideas for Debates The oil organizations should be progressively mindful concerning the oil slicks Human conduct an aftereffect of nature Sex instruction classes would sound good to the more youthful adolescents The cutting edge US lawful framework misuses the minorities in spite of the constitution and existing laws The firearm control enactment has substantially more detriments than points of interest There is no compelling reason to van present day TV or a portion of the shows †Interne is a more regrettable danger to society Do popular individuals make a joke of the privilege to security? Should the lawful drinking/smoking/driving/casting a ballot age of the individual be brought down to 18 in the United States? Are open fringes conceivable within a reasonable time-frame? Europeans would lose the World War II without the American intercession and on-time help Moral Issues to Cover in Persuasive Speech Debates Creature testing is vital for the mankind, so it ought not come Emergency clinic patients have an option to bite the dust

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Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Ive always been a big eater. Part of this may be because my dad is not only a fire fighter but also because he used to be a cook. For those of you who are out of the loop, fire fighters cook enough food for an army, and when theyre on shift thats fine. When a fire fighter cooks for an army but only has to feed a family, the boy has to eat it all. Thatd be me, Im the boy, and Im used to eating massive amounts of food. Before Matt, Ben, and I gave our presentation last week we went for lunch at a place called Spikes Junkyard Dogs. While there I noticed a contest that challenged patrons to eat as many hot dogs as possible. Being the typical MIT student with a huge ego I say to Matt and Ben Psh, I can do that, look! The record is only 14, and you get an hour and a half to do it, how is that even hard!? Matt and Ben were skeptic. I was not. The e-mail went out Saturday: So Spikes Junkyard Dogs (http://www.spikesjunkyarddogs.com/index.html) has this neat little contest wherein whoever can eat the most hot dogs in 1.5 hours gets their picture on the wall, a t-shirt, free hot dogs, and all sorts of other fame and admiration. The current record is only 14 dogs. As some of you may know, Im pretty much a garbage disposal for food, so I thought Id give it a try. Im planning on heading over tomorrow at about 3 pm and Id appreciate a cheering section. I cant make any guarantees as to whether Ill be able to eat 15 dogs or not, but Ill certainly end up making myself sick and eat a ridiculous amount of food. Anybody interested, lets meet in the 23 at 3ish. Youre welcome to try to break the record with me! I planned my dinner and breakfast food amounts accordingly and went for a jog in order to make myself hungry. A group of us headed out at 3 and laughed joyously at the thought of what was to come. We got there and I strode up to the counter, slapped down a $50 bill and said Im going to eat 15 hot dogs. The cashier took the money and said Do you know the rules? As many hot dogs as possible, an hour and a half, no bathroom and no throwing up. I nodded and was ready to eat. We all sat down at the table and chatted happily, waiting for our hot dogs to arrive. Zach LaBry 08 decided to try and eat as many as possible as well, so it became a nice little contest between the two of us. Heres our group before our food had arrived, Zach is the one in the middle. The hot dogs began to arrive. Michelle 11 got hers first followed by Zach Bailey 08 (we had more than one Zach in our party, so Zach Bailey actually told the guy at the register his name was Jim). and then Zach LaBry Jordan got hers next and then I started to get mine. I scarfed the first two dogs like they were nothing. By the third one I wasnt really hungry anymore. I could still eat, it just wasnt pleasant. Why such an early sign of defeat? The buns on the hot dogs were actually baguettes. Seriously, they took a loaf of bread, cut it in half, and made it a hot dog bun. It dries out your mouth so much! Being the engineer I am, I decided to try and find an easier way to consume bread. Perhaps if I dunk it in water!? Lets see, now that its all moist Ill just take a bite and then BLECH! Ok, dunking in water maybe wasnt the best idea. At all. Bread turns into this nasty, aloe-like gel-consistency when soaked in water. Its not appetizing. Good thing they gave me a bucket. As I begin fighting my way through my fourth hot dog Zach is on number 5. It is at this point we realize that Zach is a beast and I suck at eating hot dogs. This is what our table looked like about midway through the eating: Notice how I stare at Zach in awe as he scarfs down dog number 7. I am just beginning number 5. Zachs having a great time, Im angry at meat. This is me halfway through dog 5. After an hour and a half I had eaten 5 dogs and Zach had eaten 9. I realized that although I may like to eat a lot of food, my metabolism doesnt, and baguettes suck. Zach, for eating more than 6 hot dogs, got his picture on the wall and a t-shirt. I got nothing :( Thats ok though, because I had a really fun time, am uber impressed by Zach, and I got to eat a lot of tasty hot dogs. Michelle stole one though. Before we left, full and content, I gave my hot dogs one last stare down and then threw them away. Its just too much hot dog for one person. So, a challenge to all you pre-frosh during CPW, lets get together and go to Spikes, I want to see you all eat over 6 hot dogs. Ill try to get funding, but bring some money along in case I cant. Its about $2.50 a dog, its a good time!

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Every Writer Must Know It When Writing a Book Proposal

In order to publish the book, the author should operate great marketing skills that would allow him/her to examine the current trends in the field of publishing and to find a specific approach to the literary agent. In this regard, writing a book proposal is an essential part of this process that sometimes plays an even more important role than the book itself. The reason is that the book proposal should persuade the publisher that the particular work worth to be published and may bring sufficient revenues. Therefore, each author has to know the specifics of writing a book proposal in order to introduce the work and, subsequently, gain considerable revenues by selling it. The Main Purpose of Writing a Book Proposal Generally, the authors write book proposals to sell their books, which may refer to both fiction and nonfiction. The first thing that each author should remember is that his or her writing work is a salable, or marketable, product. However, even if the work can be considered as the literary masterpiece and it reveals new extraordinary ideas, this is not enough to sell the product. To do so, it is necessary to know how to compose a powerful proposal would that directly address the literary agent and serve as the form of business plan. By introducing the most entertaining elements of the book, the author succeeds in realizing the key purpose of writing a book proposal, which is to encourage the publisher to represent the author. Since the literary work is the economic product, a book proposal should address the marketing aspects of the project and reveal its competitive advantages. Marketing Side of the Project Selling a literary work is an economic activity, in which the author serves as the developer, whereas the agent is the distributor. By writing a book proposal the author should answer the basic three questions that should spread light on the books content and tell the publisher about its marketing perspectives. What are the unique characteristics that set the book apart from other literary works in the market? What is the readership of the book that the author plans to introduce? Who is the author and does he/she has sufficient skills to write a book? It is important to understand that the editor cares about the good idea, marketing perspective, and authors ability to write a really good book. The agent expects that this person is able to bring the audience and platform for the future cooperation. It is important to consider that a number of authors did not see their work published since they were not able to present it in the appropriate way. The Key Elements for a Book Proposal Regardless of a fictional or non-fictional nature of the work, there is a basic platform that might help to develop a strong proposal that would address all the main points that the publishers are interested in. Therefore, while writing a book proposal, it is necessary to provide a title page, one sentence hook, a brief overview, marketing analysis, information on the author, competitive works, plot, and summary of the first 40-50 pages of the manuscript.

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T.E. Lawrence of Arabia British World War I Officer

Thomas Edward Lawrence was born in Tremadog, Wales on August 16, 1888. He was the second illegitimate son of Sir Thomas Chapman who had deserted his wife for his childrens governess, Sarah Junner. Never marrying, the couple ultimately had five children and styled themselves Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence in reference to Junners father. Earning the nickname Ned, Lawrences family moved several times during his youth and he spent time in Scotland, Brittany, and England. Settling in Oxford in 1896, Lawrence attended the City of Oxford School for Boys. Entering Jesus College, Oxford in 1907, Lawrence showed a deep passion for history. Over the next two summers, he traveled through France by bicycle to study castles and other medieval fortifications. In 1909, he journeyed to Ottoman Syria and traversed the region by foot examining Crusader castles. Returning home, he completed his degree in 1910 and was offered the opportunity to remain at school for postgraduate work. Though he accepted, he departed a short time later when the opportunity arose to become a practicing archaeologist in the Middle East. Lawrence the Archaeologist Fluent in a variety of languages including Latin, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, and French, Lawrence departed for Beirut in December 1910. Arriving, he began work at Carchemish under the guidance of D.H. Hogarth from the British Museum. After a brief trip home in 1911, he returned to Carchemish after a short dig in Egypt. Resuming his work, he partnered with Leonard Woolley. Lawrence continued to work in the region over the next three years and became familiar with its geography, languages, and peoples. World War I Begins In January 1914, he and Woolley were approached by the British Army who wished them to conduct a military survey of the Negev Desert in southern Palestine. Moving forward, they conducted an archaeological assessment of the region as cover. In the course of their efforts, they visited Aqaba and Petra. Resuming work at Carchemish in March, Lawrence remained through the spring. Returning to Britain, he was there when World War I began in August 1914. Though eager to enlist, Lawrence was convinced to wait by Woolley. This delay proved wise as Lawrence was able to obtain a lieutenants commission in October. Due to his experience and language skills, he was sent to Cairo where he worked interrogating Ottoman prisoners. In June 1916, the British government entered into an alliance with Arab nationalists who sought to free their lands from the Ottoman Empire. While the Royal Navy had cleared the Red Sea of Ottoman ships early in the war, the Arab leader, Sherif Hussein bin Ali, was able to raise 50,000 men but lacked arms. Attacking Jiddah later that month, they captured the city and soon secured additional ports. Despite these successes, a direct assault on Medina was repulsed by the Ottoman garrison. Lawrence of Arabia To aid the Arabs in their cause, Lawrence was sent to Arabia as a liaison officer in October 1916. After aiding in the defense of Yenbo in December, Lawrence convinced Husseins sons, Emir Faisal and Abdullah, to coordinate their actions with the larger British strategy in the region. As such, he discouraged them from directly attacking Medina as attacking the Hedjaz Railway, which supplied the city, would tie down more Ottoman troops. Riding with Emir Faisal, Lawrence and the Arabs launched multiple strikes against the railway and threatened Medinas lines of communication. Achieving success, Lawrence began moving against Aqaba in mid-1917. The Ottomans sole remaining port on the Red Sea, the town had the potential to serve as a supply base for an Arab advance north. Working with Auda Abu Tayi and Sherif Nasir, Lawrences forces attacked on July 6 and overran the small Ottoman garrison. In the wake of the victory, Lawrence traveled across the Sinai Peninsula to inform the new British commander, General Sir Edmund Allenby of the success. Recognizing the importance of the Arab efforts, Allenby agreed to provide  £200,000 a month as well as arms. Later Campaigns Promoted to major for his actions at Aqaba, Lawrence returned to Faisal and the Arabs. Supported by other British officers and increased supplies, the Arab army joined in the general advance on Damascus the following year. Continuing attacks on the railway, Lawrence and the Arabs defeated the Ottomans in the Battle of Tafileh on January 25, 1918. Reinforced, the Arab forces advanced inland while the British pushed up the coast. In addition, they conducted numerous raids and provided Allenby with valuable intelligence. During the victory at the Megiddo in late September, British and Arab forces shattered the Ottoman resistance and began a general advance. Reaching Damascus, Lawrence entered the city on October 1. This was soon followed by a promotion to lieutenant colonel. A strong advocate for Arab independence, Lawrence relentlessly pressured his superiors on this point despite knowledge of the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement between Britain and France which stated the region was to be divided between the two nations after the war. During this period he worked with noted correspondent Lowell Thomas whose reports made him famous. Postwar Later Life With the conclusion of the war, Lawrence returned to Britain where he continued to lobby for Arab independence. In 1919, he attended the Paris Peace Conference as a member of Faisals delegation and served as a translator. During the conference, he became irate as the Arab position was ignored. This anger culminated when it was announced that there would be no Arab state and that Britain and France would oversee the region. As Lawrence was becoming increasingly bitter about the peace settlement, his fame greatly increased as a result of a film by Thomas which detailed his exploits. His feeling on the peace settlement improved following the Cairo Conference of 1921 which saw Faisal and Abdullah installed as the kings of newly-created Iraq and Trans-Jordan. Seeking to escape his fame, he enlisted in the Royal Air Force under the name John Hume Ross in August 1922. Soon discovered, he was discharged the following year. Trying again, he joined the Royal Tank Corps under the name Thomas Edward Shaw. Having completed his memoirs, entitled ​Seven Pillars of Wisdom, in 1922, he had it published four years later. Unhappy in the RTC, he successfully transferred back the RAF in 1925. Working as a mechanic, he also completed an abridged version of his memoirs entitled Revolt in the Desert. Published in 1927, Lawrence was forced to conduct a media tour in support of the work. This work provided ultimately provided a substantial line of income. Leaving the military in 1935, Lawrence intended to retire to his cottage, Clouds Hill, in Dorset. An avid motorcycle rider, he was severely injured in a crash near his cottage on May 13, 1935, when he swerved to avoid two boys on bicycles. Thrown over the handlebars, he died from his injuries on May 19. Following a funeral, which was attended by notables such as Winston Churchill, Lawrence was buried at Moreton Church in Dorset. His exploits were later retold in the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia which starred Peter OToole as Lawrence and won the Academy Award for Best Picture.